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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Trips and vacations are supposed to fun-filled, memorable, and worth repeating whenever possible.  There are instances, however, when this is not always the case.  Here are 5 simple steps to ensure that a good vacation or trip turns out to be great.

1. Know what you want and plan for it

travel planning

There are a lot who maintain that spontaneity is the best way to go when a vacation or trip is involved, triggering one's sense of excitement at the prospect of the unknown.  This, however, is also the best way to get in trouble, and in more ways that can be discussed here.

Regardless of what excitement enthusiasts insist, planning and knowing as much as possible about a trip or vacation is always the best way to ensure your trip is safe, fun, and ultimately enjoyable.  Be sure to know what you'd like to experience, and then look up the best places you can get it.  Know the things that would help make the experience better and safer, since some activities may expose you to a greater amount of potential danger, depending on the location of your vacation.  By knowing what you would like to see and experience, locating where it can best be experienced, and planning it all out, you reduce the amount of potential risk to a manageable level, compared to simply braving it and diving in without knowing the first thing about the place.

2. Book your trip and lodgings well ahead

booking early

Many have a practice of waiting until the last minute before they finally decide to book their flight to their vacation spot, and then try to search for lodgings when they are already there.  Others prefer to wait on promos and discounted booking packages before they commit to a vacation.  These strategies might sound like they afford a traveler a good deal during the trip, but in reality, they don't.

Trusting in luck that one will be able to book a good trip and stay on the last minute is not just a terrible idea, it is also quite reckless.  A multitude of people travel at any given time, with most of them also needing a well-timed trip and a good place to stay, and trusting in luck when competing with this untold number of travelers is just really a bad idea.

By booking your trip well ahead, you get to avoid seasonal rushes of people who tend to flock to specific locations during the popular seasons, such as summer, annual festivals, or prominent events.  In many cases, booking ahead may even allow you to enjoy special discounts and promos from travel companies, booking agencies, and even from hotels and suites.  Trying to book ahead will also allow you to see if your place of lodging is near where all the action is, or if not, still afford you a lot of time to find a place that is.

3. Pack light and essentially

pack light

A lot of travelers admit to having a fear of not having the right thing to wear to a certain place.  Considering that one is traveling to a place they are not a resident of, having the right thing to wear to any possible occasion is practically impossible, which is why traveling light and smart is always the best way to go.

Packing intelligently is also quite helpful in saving you money, since excess baggage costs are at a premium in practically any country.  Contrary to some fears, clothing and appropriate fashion can be found and purchased locally, wherever one may be thinking f traveling.  Malls and commercial centers are always near sea and airports, on top of the fact that there are many online services who do deliver items, such as clothing, right to where you are staying.  A better thing to do than packing the entire house into several suitcases would be to carefully consider the essential needs during preparation, such as prescription medications, credit cards, and items you cannot do without, such as reliable and comfortable shoes.

Remember that the less things you bring with you, the less likely you are to lose something during your travels.

4. Avoid giving and receiving stress

avoid stress

Regardless of your reasons for traveling, it is always a good idea to steer clear of stress whenever possible.  Business trips need not always be more stressful than they are expected to be, since people have found clever ways to sneak in a little R & R during these work-related travels.  Remember that you are not a local to your destination, so it is always a good idea to practice being a decent human being wherever you may be.

This should be all the more important if the main purpose of the trip is to have a restful and enjoyable vacation.  Try not to stress over things, such as missed or delayed trips, small issues with your lodging, and other matters that you can afford to not fuss over.  Most vacations and trips often turn out to be a terrible experience because of small issues that ended up being blown out of proportion instead of being let go.  A lot of potential stress sources can actually be avoided if the trip was well planned and prepared for, but in cases that some unprecedented issue comes up, try to not make it more than what it really is, so that it is much easier to let go and not get blown up into an even bigger source of stress.

5. Be amazed yet be open to reality

be amazed

Discovery, in itself, is always an experience worth looking forward to, and is mostly responsible for the excitement that one feels during travels.  During travels, it is always a good idea to be open to discovery and new experiences, so as to make the travel even more meaningful.  Equally important is the need, however, to be just as open to reality.

There will always be limitations to things as we perceive them.  Just because it's the first time you've been to a place, you can't expect every moment to be a magical mystery ride into discovery.  More often than not, great experiences are marred by one's disappointment, as their mood has been dampened by an unfortunate event, closing themselves to any further moment of enjoyment.

Understand that most locales are also kept and maintained by people, and depending upon the resources available, some features and facilities may either be lavish or sparse.  In many cases, even the high-end and decidedly expensive vacation spots come up short of expectations from time to time, which is why it is always a good idea to be open to new and wondrous experiences, while keeping expectations to a manageable level.  Many happy and event-filled trips and vacations are often brought to a screeching halt by a sudden jolt of reality when one least expects it.

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