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Monday, 15 June 2015

Packing for a business trip or family vacation can be overwhelming. There are so many things you need to consider. From clothes to gadgets and emergency kits, most travelers end up packing more than what they can carry. So before you get overwhelmed, here are 7 basic things you need to know.

Secure your documents. Make sure you have your passport, plane tickets, hotel reservations, entrance tickets for conventions or theme parks, and other supporting papers in one place. Take a picture or scan these documents, save them on your mobile device, and email it to yourself so that if anything goes wrong, you have a digital copy that you can access anywhere.

Don’t bring unnecessary valuables. Why would you bring jewelry if you’re going on a beach vacation? If you’re a business traveler, why bring five gadgets? Choose between your laptop or iPad. After all, you still have your smartphone. Losing gadgets can be costly because of the valuable information on it so try to limit your tech gear as much as you can.

Use small bottles for liquids. Place your shampoo, lotion, alcohol, perfumes, and other liquid necessities in small bottles for easy, space-saving storage. Make sure that they’re clear and labeled to avoid confusion. Minimize toiletries as much as you can because these will be most likely provided for you. You can also buy them anywhere.

Split your cash and cards. Stash some cash on your luggage and carry-on bags aside from your wallet. This is a precautionary measure in case you get robbed. Take note where you placed your cash and cards. You might as well email those details to yourself for easy access.

Seal your clothes in plastic. Use zip lock bags for your clothes and divide them accordingly. Separate your underwear, shirts, pants or shorts, and shoes before putting them in your bag. Roll your garments to save more space. 

Bring extra plastic. You will need this for dirty and wet clothes. You will find it useful in case you have perishable goods to pack. It’s comes in handy for anything that might leak in your luggage. Airtight plastic bags are your best travel buddies.

Don’t forget medications and emergency items. If you’re under medication, make sure you have enough for your trip. Place them in the most accessible part of your bag. Don’t forget to bring other emergency items, too, such as a small flashlight (or download a flashlight app on your smartphone), mini first aid kit, foldable umbrella, a couple of snack bars, and batteries/power banks. Take note, all of them should be small and portable. 

So before you choose your clothes, make sure you have all these basics covered. Packing for travel can be stress-free! You just need to prioritize what matters. 

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