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Pelican Stay
Pelicanstay at Princes Wharf Auckland

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Furnished Rental Apartment at Princes Wharf

This fully furnished corporate and vacation rental apartment is a great place to call home for everyone on a budget whether it is for a short term, weekly or long term stay. It is designed with great amenities such as a queen size bed, fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, balcony, bathroom equipped with hair dryers, laundry facilities, and a dedicated workspace. Residents will enjoy the many complimentary amenities included with their rental package - fresh cotton linens and towel, high-speed wireless internet, flat screen TV, free public parking, and more.

Delight with the nearby attractions and stunning view of the city. Guests are close to Queen's Wharf, a public waterfront space that brings people from all over to enjoy pop-up events, and fishing excursions. Explore seafaring exhibits and sailing trips on replica ships at the New Zealand Maritime School. Learn the history of Auckland and New Zealand with guided Auckland Free Walking Tours and dine in with the best and famous restaurants in Princes Wharf Auckland at the end of the day.

Book now at Pelican Stay and experience furnished rental apartments in Auckland.

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